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Shelton Police Officer Use of Force Investigation Information

On May 25, 2017 at approximately 1:40 a.m., two Shelton police officers had contact with a subject regarding a possible trespass violation on private property. A struggle ensued and the subject was then arrested.

Later that same day, the Shelton Police Chief was alerted regarding the possible use of excessive force during the arrest. This prompted a review of the reports written by the arresting officers and the body cam video. Following the review, supervisors placed both officers on administrative leave. The Thurston County Sheriff’s office was asked to conduct an external criminal investigation on the incident. This was done to ensure that a thorough and accurate investigation of the incident could be completed, and to ensure transparent accountability for all involved.

On July 5, 2017 Thurston County Detectives met with Mason County Prosecutors and the Shelton Police Department to inform them the case would be referred to the prosecutor for possible criminal charges against the officers. The officers remain on administrative leave through the completion of the internal personnel investigation.

Protecting the community is at the core of what we do. We ensure our officers undergo extensive training that emphasizes the need to understand and appreciate their authority and limitations.

Giving officers the authority to use reasonable force and protect the public welfare requires monitoring, evaluation, and careful balancing of all interests. The department has extensive operational policies and training procedures in place to ensure that officers are prepared to protect our community in all situations. Following this incident, we are examining our policies and procedures as we are committed to ensuring the public’s trust to protect and serve.

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