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Shelton, WA — On Tuesday, July 25th the Shelton Police Department was contacted by a local shipping company regarding a suspicious package that had been dropped off for shipment to Starkville, Mississippi. The business expressed concern when they noticed a strong smell of marijuana emanating from the package.  

Shelton Detective Dan Patton confirmed that the package prepared for transport to Mississippi was the source of the pungent odor, and was able to obtain a search warrant to access its contents. Inside, Patton found over 121 grams of processed marijuana. Shipping marijuana out of state under the applicable circumstances is a violation of state and federal law. 

The Shelton Police Department confiscated the marijuana, placed a copy of the search warrant inside the empty box, and shipped the package to the intended recipient in Mississippi. Detective Patton contacted local law enforcement agencies in Mississippi to provide notice once delivery confirmation had been received so that they could follow up with the recipient of the package, which now contained a copy of a search warrant rather than marijuana. 

Detective Patton then contacted the Shelton resident who had attempted to send the package. The suspect explained they didn’t know it was marijuana, and thought they were just sending “flowers” to a friend.  Although the suspect admitted to being a marijuana smoker for over fifteen years, they claimed they didn't recognize the smell of marijuana when preparing the package for shipment because they thought it was simply decorative flowers.

Charges are pending for intent to distribute marijuana illegally.