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Additional Funding Awarded for C Street Landfill Cleanup

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Shelton, WA — During last night’s City Council meeting, Councilmembers authorized an amendment to an agreement with the Washington State Department of Ecology to increase funds received from the state by $600,000 for the C Street Landfill cleanup. The City will be required to contribute a 25% match to the project budget on the additional funds. This additional funding increases the total project budget from $288,666.67 to $1,086,666,67.

C Street Revised Budget SNIP

 In 2015, the Washington State Department of Ecology entered into an agreement with the City of Shelton to provide funding for the cleanup of the C Street Landfill through the Toxics Cleanup Remedial Action Grant. The agreement requires the City to complete a remedial investigation and feasibility study, and submit a draft cleanup plan to the Department of Ecology.

Aspect Consulting of Bainbridge Island, WA was contracted to conduct the initial assessments and remedial investigation in June of 2015. The purpose of the in-depth study is to find out what needs to be cleaned up and where, including:

  • Determining site features like groundwater flow and soil type
  • Defining the type and extent of contamination
  • Assessing potential effects on human health and the environment
  • Defining the goals for the cleanup

Most of the existing project budget was used on the initial phases of the remedial investigation. The additional funding received from the state will allow the City to move forward with completing the remedial investigation, and proceed to the feasibility study and plan design in preparation for cleanup.


The C Street Landfill is west of downtown Shelton and U.S. Highway 101. The Landfill was actively used as a dumping site for various industrial, municipal, and other waste for much of the 1900’s.

Visit the C Street Landfill Cleanup project page on the City of Shelton website to learn more.