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                 "Taking care of the people who take care of Shelton"Michelle-Sutherland-Edit-B&W

Shelton's Administrative Services Department provides support services for the City and its diverse workforce.  We are responsible for managing the legal, compliance, equal employment opportunity, and workforce diversity efforts through a variety of programs.

The City of Shelton has a population of more than 9,000 and our workforce includes more than 90 individuals working in regular, seasonal, and temporary positions.  We interact with a total of 4 labor unions and a variety of benefit and service vendors as we "take care of the people who take care of Shelton."  Our service areas within the Human Resources department include:  employment (recruitment, selection and retention), personnel policy development and administration, training and development, employee benefit programs, job classification and compensation, labor union and employee relations, compliance with labor and civil rights laws, unemployment insurance and employee records management.

 Our Employee & Labor Relations Philosophy

Our managers and supervisors have the responsibility to establish and maintain a climate of mutual respect and open communication with individual employees.  The City of Shelton and its employees can derive the greatest benefit from this type of employment relationship.  We believe that a relationship is most effective when it is allowed to directly function between employer and employee.  For those employees currently represented by a union, the City is committed to working cooperatively with union personnel to achieve our common goals.

The City of Shelton endeavors to create and maintain effective working relationships with our labor unions.  In partnership, our goal is to create a workplace that allows the organization to meet its stated goals and our employees to be successful.

The Human Resources (HR) department has the overall responsibility for managing the labor relations activity of the City.  This includes the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, the development and communication of City employment policies, and the on-going administration of employee relations and labor-management issues.  Together with the employees and labor partners, we work together to achieve collaborative and effective labor relations.

Our Department Mission Statement

To provide customer-driven, service-oriented services that respond to the organization's need for a diverse, well-qualified workforce.  Our guiding standards as a member of the City’s administration team affirm that, in all that we do, we will strive to be Accurate, Consistent, Credible, and Helpful.  Our goal is to ensure that the City of Shelton is an employer of choice in the region.

Michelle Sutherland
Administrative Services Director