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Code Enforcement

The goal of the City of Shelton Code Enforcement Division is primarily focused on maintaining and improving community appearance by working with citizens and property owners to maintain property aesthetics and value. This is attained through the adoption, implementation, and enforcement of minimum building and property maintenance codes.

The Code Enforcement Officer oftentimes works with other departments to aid in enforcement of housing, building, fire, and life safety codes to ensure they are applied and enforced in an effort to maintain minimum life safety standards in the community.

How do I make a complaint or inquire about potential violations?
Please complete the Code Enforcement Complaint Form with all the information needed for City staff to investigate the potential violation. 

Click on the links below to see pictures that relate to some common code enforcement issues we see.

How can I help?
The best thing you can do is be proactive about the welfare and appearance of your property, street, and general neighborhood.  You can do these things:

  • Keep your property and structures well maintained, clean, and free of trash, debris, weeds, overgrown vegetation, junk, and other code violations. 
  • Park your operable vehicles in designated/established parking areas, not in your yard/landscaped areas to maintain landscaped areas in an aesthetically pleasing state.
  • Non-operational, "junk", wrecked, vehicles are not allowed to be stored in public view.  Store them in your garage or within a commercial storage yard.
  • Remove your trash and recycle containers from streets and alleys as soon as possible after your pickup.  It's illegal to "store" them in the streets and alleys (they need to be secured on your property), they're unsightly (is your trash container really the first thing you want visitors to notice?), and they encourage illegal dumping (we often get calls/complaints from customers about their trash containers being filled by others).
  • Improve the general appearance of your neighborhood.  Pick up trash littered on your street!  Help a neighbor clean an maintain their property.
  • Organize a block or alley clean up with your neighbors. 
  • Trim and maintain vegetation in your alley.  Make your alleys a pleasant space!
  • Return a stray shopping cart to appropriate store or call store to retrieve their shopping cart.
  • Encourage neighbors and surrounding businesses to maintain their property.  Thank them if you see them actively maintaining/cleaning their property and let them know you not only notice their efforts but appreciate them.

Questions?  Contact 360-427-7503 or email and ask!