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City of Shelton Comprehensive Plan

The Washington State Growth Management Act (or “GMA”) is a state law that requires county and local governments to manage growth. All Cities and Counties must be in compliance with the requirements of the GMA to be eligible for grants and loans from certain state infrastructure programs. While the City of Shelton already has a Comprehensive Plan to manage its growth, the GMA requires that plans be reviewed periodically to better reflect current conditions.  The Shelton City Commission adopted this most recent periodic update of the City of Shelton Comprehensive Plan on December 26, 2018. 

Questions regarding this information should be directed to Jason Dose, Senior Planner, at 360-432-5102 or .

Comprehensive Plan Update and UGA Expansion Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) - Posted August 2017.  (The Draft EIS can be accessed below in the February Drafts section of this page)

Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)

City of Shelton Comprehensive Plan - Adopted by the City of Shelton Commission on December 26, 2017.
(Each individual chapter/element is uploaded separately for ease of downloading)

Comprehensive Plan Update and UGA Expansion Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) - February 2017.


Shelton Comp Plan Graphic


The first phase of proposed enhancements on Railroad Avenue will occur this summer as a part of a demonstration project. This will include a “road diet” which reduces portions of Railroad Avenue from four to two lanes, introduces angled parking, and progressive tests of differing intersection controls and treatments at Fourth/Railroad, and other street enhancements. There will be opportunities for citizen feedback on the proposed treatments and progressive tests.

Fourth Railroad Concept Photo


Street Furniture 1

Street Furniture 2

Street Furniture 3