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The goal of the Detective Division is to bring to justice all those who, by their deeds, would attempt to bring harm to our community. Investigations works closely with the victims of crime and with local, county, and federal prosecutors.

Computer Investigations | Financial Fraud | ID Theft | Major CrimesProperty Crimes

Computer Investigations

The Computer Investigations Division works to recover evidence and other valuable data out of computer media devices to aid in criminal investigations.

Financial Fraud

Fake check scams are clever ploys designed to steal your money. You can avoid becoming a victim by recognizing how the scam works and understanding your responsibility for the checks that you deposit in your account.

Senior Fraud (WA State Attorney General)
Internet Crime Complaint (FBI)
Consumer Issues (WS State Attorney General)

ID Theft

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes. It can occur when a criminal steals personal identifying information such as name, birth date, Social Security number, or your mother’s maiden name and uses it for their own gain. These thefts can occur through lost or stolen credit or debit cards, non-secure online transactions, personal information recovered from your garbage, and most frequently, stolen mail from your mailbox.

Major Crimes

The Mission of the Major Crimes Unit is to investigate all violent crimes against persons, which include the investigation and management of homicide, robbery, assaults (both felony and misdemeanor), missing persons, harassment, and any other cases that may be assigned.

Property Crimes

The Property Crimes investigations focuses on the repressible crimes of theft, burglary and possession of stolen property, fraud and acts of vandalism and arson.

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