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City Administration

City Manager
The City Manager is appointed by majority vote of the City Council and is responsible for overall management of City business and the oversight and supervision of all City departments. The City Manager ensures that the City Council goals, policies, and directives are carried out by the appropriate City departments and is also responsible for preparation of the annual budget, controlling expenditures, human resource management, intergovernmental relations, legislative activities, and a variety of other duties related to management of the City. The City Manager is responsible for keeping the City Council informed about the status of City programs as well as keeping them abreast of current issues, opportunities, and problems that may affect the operations of City government.

City Clerk - The City Clerk is appointed by majority vote of the City Council. The City Clerk leads department staff using principles of team-based management. Duties for this position include Delegating tasks to department staff member. Maintains and enforces City and departmental rules, regulations and programs; and manages the Customer Service team, to include payment of City bills, public records requests, and questions/complaints about City services. Research and collect information from each City department Records Coordinator to proved an efficient and economical administrative records retention process while also providing information to the public in a format that allows for timely access.

Working with the City Clerk is an Administrative Support Assistant and the Customer Service team.
This office oversees disclosure of the City’s public records and the issuance of Special Event Permits.

Public Disclosure

Public Records Act (PDF)

Public Disclosure Request Form (PDF)

City of Shelton Records Management Policy (PDF)

Public Disclosure FAQ

Public Disclosure Exemptions (PDF)

For a complete list of exemptions visit the State of Washington website at: