Council Strategic Goals (2022-2025)

MISSION: The City of Shelton strives to build a strong community and quality of life.

VISION:  Shelton is a community of active lifestyles, accountable government, engaged citizens, safe streets, strong work ethics, and inspiring leaders.

VALUES:  CASt - Community, Accountability, Stewardship

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: The City of Shelton is a community where diversity is welcomed, valued, and celebrated. We advocate for recognition, respect, inclusion, and celebration of the community's diverse people.

Clearly Define the Future
  • Plan proactively
  • Develop and maintain clear, concise, and consistent guiding documents (Comprehensive Plan, Municipal Code, Engineering Standards, etc.)
  • Focus on workforce development and succession planning
  • Develop and maintain transparent long-range financial plans across funds

Community Safety

  • Focus on code enforcement activities
  • Encourage pride in local neighborhoods
  • Ensure public safety services are funded and staffed appropriately
  • Manage full lifecycle of community assets
  • Ensure building codes are current, clear, and enforceable

Engage the Community
  • Ensure implementation of community engagement plans
  • Engage local partners in planning efforts and encourage feedback
  • Actively promote Shelton's unique opportunities and sites
  • Invest in technology that enables timely and high-quality services
  • Proactively communicate the "what and why" with internal and external communication stakeholders