The backbone of our department is the patrol division. Our Patrol Division is currently comprised of four teams of three officers, which are supervised by Patrol Sergeants. This division is responsible for maintaining peace and safety, crime prevention, crime suppression, investigating crimes, arresting offenders, and arbitrating family and neighborhood disputes.

Officers in this division patrol Shelton 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They are responsible for patrolling the entirety of Shelton's 6.11 square miles. We work with our residents and community members to build a stronger community together.

School Resource Officers (SROs)
We are proud of our school resource officers, or SROs, and our partnership with the Shelton School District in providing this program. SROs proactively patrol each of the schools within the district. The goal of the SRO program is to continue to foster relationships between police, schools, and the community to work together for our community's children.

By the Numbers
In 2021, the Shelton Police Department responded to 11,064 calls for service. There were 1,520 case reports generated. For traffic-related citations, officers issued 126 criminal citations and 109 infraction citations in 2021. 272 reportable traffic accidents were handled by SPD. 

We responded to an average of 30 calls per day, and 14% of all calls generated a paper report.

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