Sewer and Wastewater

The sewer and wastewater division operates, maintains, and improves the City's sewer system to provide for the safe disposal and treatment of wastewater for our residents. There are two wastewater treatment plants located in Shelton, the Main Wastewater Treatment Plant, and the Water Reclamation (Satellite) Plant. Employees conduct multiple tests at both plants on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis to verify that the City meets or exceeds state requirements and regulations, in order to prevent discharge into Oakland Bay and to ensure the safe discharge of reclaimed water to customers.

Your Sewer System, By the Numbers
The City's sewer system is comprised of:
  • 213,364 linear feet of gravity sewer piping
  • 9,592 linear feet of force sewer piping
  • 1,104 manholes
  • 5 wastewater lift stations
  • 2 wastewater treatment plants
What is Wastewater?
Wastewater treatment is a vital part of keeping our community healthy and our environment safe. Our main Wastewater Treatment Plant cleanses about 868 million gallons of water each year used for activities like washing dishes, bathing, and using the toilet. This prevents harmful contaminants from entering our local waterways like Goldsborough Creek, Shelton Creek, Oakland Bay and Hammersley Inlet.

When water flows down a sink or toilet drain into the City's sewer lines, it eventually ends up at a wastewater treatment plant for processing. During treatment, organic solids are extracted and the remaining wastewater is run through digesters with micro-organisms that destroy most of the disease-causing bacteria. The wastewater then passes through powerful ultraviolet sterilizers that eliminate any remaining bacteria before it is safely returned to the environment.

The City has historically taken extra precautions to ensure that the wastewater treatment plants exceed the state Department of Ecology's testing standards. We are sensitive to our nearby shellfish industry and the surrounding environment and remain committed to maintaining an elevated standard of performance. Our Main Wastewater Treatment Plant consistently earns an Outstanding Performance Award from Ecology.