Check Out the Civic Center Rotating Art Gallery

Next time you're at the Civic Center, check out the latest installation of the Civic Center rotating art gallery! The rotating art gallery is a project organized by the Shelton Arts Commission. The current installation will be up through February 29.

Elizabeth Jacobson
Elizabeth Jacobson
"Balance", "Confidence", "Fearlessness", "Harmony", and "Companionship"

Larry Harbaugh - Copy
Larry Harbaugh
"2 Baskets", "Basket 1 (Wood Center)", "Basket 2 (Sand Dollar)", and "Gourds"

Madison Wareham
Madison Wareham
"Continuity", "Second Nature", "Changes in the Wind", "Overgrown Pains", and "Bike and Basket"

Peggy Moore - Copy
Peggy Moore
"Kennedy Creek in Fall", "Theler Wetlands", "Untitled", "Harstine Island Sunset", and "Peaceful Pathway"

Tom Rehder (1)
Tom Rehder
"Red Mountain Vineyards" and "Seattle Skyline from Bremerton Ferry"