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James Belleville - Employee of the Month

Shelton, WA — James Belleville, Community Service Officer for the Shelton Police Department was selected as Employee of the Month by the city’s Wellness Committee for the month of December.

James started as the city’s Community Service Officer earlier this year in June. He is responsible for animal control, parking enforcement, code enforcement, and responding to non-emergency calls. James has been very successful in expanding the city’s animal control efforts, and promoting compliance with the city’s residential code requirements. Since June, he has sold more dog licenses than were issued in all of 2015 and 2016 combined, and has impounded more than 100 stray animals. He has also removed over 100 abandoned or derelict vehicles from city streets, and assisted several residents with cleaning up their property so that they meet city code requirements.

In late September, the city held a community engagement forum, Shelton Out Loud. During that meeting, a residence in the 1400 block of Mason Street was identified as being a nuisance to several members of the community. The home had multiple camping trailers, tents, vehicles, and a large accumulation of garbage scattered throughout the property. In addition to the unsightly yard debris, the home had become a magnet for a variety of criminal activities.

During the month of October, James worked with the owners of the property on several cleanup and code compliance issues. James took the lead in coordinating cleanup efforts with members of the Public Works Department, Police Department, and various community groups. His diligent efforts lead to the removal of the camping trailers, tents, derelict vehicles, and over two large dumpster loads of garbage. He also assisted the people that were living in the camping trailers with relocating to a more suitable location. 

On November 7th, Mayor Gary Cronce received a letter of thanks from a neighboring property owner for the city’s role in the cleanup efforts at the Mason Street residence.

“I’ve been working in a municipality for over thirty years, and I’ve never worked with a group a people that are as capable of getting the job done,” said Chief Moody. “They come in every day, they go to work, and they just get it done. Employee of the Month James Belleville is no different.  James has done a fantastic job during his short tenure as Community Service Officer. We look forward to his continued efforts throughout the community.”