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Shelton PD Exceeds Training Requirements in 2017

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Shelton, WA — The mission of the Shelton Police Department is to provide excellent service and protection through leadership and partnerships throughout the community. To achieve this goal, Shelton Police officers actively participate in on-going training and education courses. Shelton PD administration is focused on ensuring that each officer exceeds the state mandated minimum hours of additional training each year.

The Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission requires that each commissioned peace officer receive a minimum of 24 hours of in-service/training hours per year.  In 2017, Shelton officers received on average 59.5 hours of training – some officers received well over 100 hours. As a department, we believe that properly trained officers increase community safety and produce a higher level of service.

Training courses attended by Shelton PD officers include TASER, De-Escalation, Policies and Procedures, Firearms, Emergency Driving, Leadership, Case Law, Supervision, Criminal Investigations, SWAT, Impaired Driving Detection, Crisis Intervention, Interview and Interrogation, Defensive Tactics, Management, and several instructor level certifications. 

We will continue to achieve our mission by ensuring that each officer is properly trained, equipped, and ready for any situation that arises.  Thank you for your continued support.