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City of Shelton, City Council Announce 2020 Budget

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The City of Shelton and City Council are pleased to announce the proposed city budget for 2020. This year’s proposed budget totals $30.4 million, with a General Fund allocation of $12.3 million.

The General Fund is used to finance the majority of Shelton’s initiatives, and receives most of its undesignated revenues. The General Fund funds 12 City departments, including Fire/EMS, Municipal Court, and Police.

“I am very proud that City Council and staff were able to find efficiencies in the 2020 budgeting process that will allow the City to provide services at a level Shelton citizens expect and deserve,” said City Manager Jeff Niten.

Existing City services and programs will continue to be funded at their current level, with adjustments for inflation, benefit increases and contract requirements. Any new initiatives or expansions of current programs (primarily those funded by the General Fund) were evaluated based on need, value to Shelton residents, and the City Council’s strategic plan.

“Overall, I think the budget process demonstrated the alignment of the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, and City staff in desiring to create a transparent, sustainable budget which continues to move the City forward toward achieving its long-term goals,” said Finance Director Aaron BeMiller.

The City and Council have identified homelessness as a 2020 budget priority.

Homelessness remains a primary matter of concern to the City, and included in this year’s budget is a $96,200 allotment for a Homeless Resource Coordinator to be based in the City Manager’s office. This individual will work to coordinate efforts between the City, Mason County, Washington State, and non-profit organizations.

 “Redirecting some revenues to services that are important to the community have allowed us to fund Council priorities, and City staff has focused on using existing resources in the most effective ways possible,” said City Manager Niten. “We will strive to find innovative and effective ways to manage our resources now and in the future.”

Public hearings will be held on November 19 and December 3 at the Shelton Civic Center for residents and businesses to have an opportunity to share feedback to Council. The final budget will be adopted December 3 by Council.