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COVID-19: New Requirements for Permits, Inspections

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Update (4/29): View our new inspection protocol here

Governor Inslee’s Construction Working Group has issued guidance and new requirements for the construction industry to resume some “low-risk” work beginning Monday, April 27.

“Low-risk” work is defined as those work activities where employees can remain 6 or more feet apart while working. If a work activity requires employees to be closer than 6 feet, it is not authorized and may not continue.

Before restarting work, all contractors are required to develop and post a “comprehensive COVID-19 exposure control, mitigation, and recovery plan.” This plan must be posted at every job site during any active construction periods, and be available for review by state and local authorities.

Plans must include policies about several COVID-19 control measures, including PPE utilization, on-site social distancing, hygiene, sanitation, symptom monitoring, incident reporting, site decontamination procedures, COVID-19 safety training, exposure-response procedures, and a post-exposure incident project-wide recovery plan.

Contractors will also be required to follow specific COVID-19 worksite safety practices, which can be viewed online at…/Phase%201%20Construction%20CO….

The City of Shelton will include these requirements in every issued permit beginning Monday, April 27. For those permits which are already active, we will inform the applicant of the new requirements when scheduling inspections.

The inspector will ask at the job site for proof of compliance with all requirements. If the applicant can’t show compliance, the inspector will leave the job site and the inspection will be rescheduled.