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Notice of 2021 Water and Sewer Utility Base Rate Increase

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The City of Shelton is proud to own and operate its own wastewater treatment plant, water distribution system, and wastewater collection system; as well as employing trained personnel to maintain and operate our wastewater treatment plant and water distribution as safely as possible.

Periodic base rate increases are needed for repairing/replacing aging infrastructure, ensuring regulatory compliance, and ongoing operations.

Customers will see the utility base rate increase beginning with their January bills, which will be mailed on Friday, January 22. Water utility bill charges are based on meter size and consumption (for single-family residential, multifamily, commercial, irrigation, or wholesale accounts).

Sewer utility bill charges are based on: a base fee and consumption charge based on account type (single-family residential/duplex, single-family residential/duplex without water service, triplex/multi-family/mobile home and trailer parks, commercial, and hotel/motel).

Utility rates are set by two different ordinances, Ordinance #1916-0118 and Ordinance #1917-0118, which were passed by the City Commission in 2018.

All utility rates can be viewed online at

If you’re experiencing financial hardship or are unsure how to pay your bill, call the City of Shelton’s Customer Service line at (360) 426-4491 to learn more about discounts for seniors or people with disabilities. The Community Action Council of Mason County (360-426-9726) also offers various utility assistance options.