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When will the City finally start Shelton Hills? 
Shelton Hills is a privately held property. The City has no ownership stake and is not financially involved in the project, and therefore cannot force the developer to begin work.

What is the official start date for breaking ground on Shelton Hills?
No date has been given to the City. While we are hopeful that the project will begin, the City has not received a permit application to begin grading, which is the next step.

When will a grading permit application be submitted for Shelton Hills?
We have not been given a potential date that the City will receive a permit application.

How long will it take to process a Shelton Hills permit application?
Processing a grading permit application, the next step, could take two months or more, depending on what is contained within the developer’s plans. Construction beyond grading will require additional permit applications that will need to meet a yet to be agreed upon Development Agreement.

Why isn’t the City working harder on the Shelton Hills project?
City staff met with the developer eight times in the last four months (Nov-Feb), and held additional meetings to coordinate with other agencies (Mason County, Port of Shelton, PUD 3, MTA, EDC, WSDOT, WA TIB, WA state legislators) during that time. We continue to assist when asked by the developer, and encourage the submittal of a permit application. Until the permit application is received, we don’t have much to work on for this project.