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Water Department will Begin Hydrant Flushing Wednesday 4/21

Home News List Water Department will Begin Hydrant Flushing Wednesday 4/21
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Beginning on Wednesday, the Water Department will be conducting their regular yearly hydrant flushing in the Capitol Hill, Mt.View, and Upper Mt.View neighborhoods.

Here’s what you need to know:

How does this work?

When crews are flushing hydrants, they connect to various hydrants within the water zone (neighborhood). They use a strategy that involves a grid system, and water is pulled throughout these areas, which creates a scrubbing effect in the water mains. The flushing process takes about 10 minutes.

What will residents see?

  • When hydrant flushing is happening, residents may notice water running down roadways.
  • Crews will place signs out in impacted areas so residents are aware.
  • A slight, insignificant drop in water pressure may occur during flushing.
  • Some water discoloration may occur, and we recommend residents let their faucets run for a few minutes after flushing is done. Discoloration has no health risks, and some areas may not see any discoloration at all.
  • Mineral/sediment build-up on the inside of the water main may break loose during the flushing.

Why is this important?

Hydrant flushing ensures that the hundreds of below-ground water main valves are working properly (these valves are used to provide control for the water system and provide alternate routing during construction or system failure). 

Crews verify that hydrants are working properly. Flushing also helps to maintain overall water quality.