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City of Shelton Thanks State Legislative Delegation for 2022 Capital Budget

Home News List City of Shelton Thanks State Legislative Delegation for 2022 Capital Budget
The City of Shelton thanks and expresses our appreciation for the work of our state legislative delegation – Senator Tim Sheldon, Representative Dan Griffey, and Representative Drew MacEwen – for their diligent work to include some of Shelton’s top priorities in the 2022 supplemental capital budget.

Headworks Capacity Upgrades at Satellite Water Reclamation Plant
The proposed state capital budget includes $3.25 million for needed headworks capacity upgrades and improvements at our satellite Water Reclamation Plant (WRP). The WRP influent pump station pumps incoming flow to the rest of the plant.

The headworks at the WRP provide screening for debris and grit removal to protect the investments in pumps and membranes used in the downstream treatment processes. The improvements are part of a long-term strategy to provide necessary sanitary sewer capacity to support economic growth using sustainable environmental best practices.

Secure Parking Improvements for the Shelton Police Department
Additionally, the proposed state budget contains $206,000 for secure parking improvements for the Shelton Police Department. Currently, the Police Department uses a side parking lot for parking their patrol cars. This parking lot is open to the public, with no secure fencing or barriers protecting employees. When personnel leave the building, they have no way of knowing what might be occurring outside.

For this project, specific improvements include:
  • Installation of approximately 350 feet of fence with security gates for vehicles and personnel
  • Installation of enhanced lighting and cameras to provide additional safety
  • Removal of a vacant house adjacent to the police parking area that may be an area of cover for active shooters
  • Restoration, sidewalk extensions, etc.
The 2022 supplemental capital budget is awaiting Governor Inslee's signature.