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Update on Friday Night's Planned Water Outage

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On Friday night, as part of the Western Gateway project, City crews and the project contractor completed a water main connection around Railroad Avenue and 8th Street. Work began at 10 p.m. and was expected to last 8 hours. Performing the work at night was determined to have the least amount of impact on our business community.

This work impacted more customers than planned for and lasted longer than anticipated. The failures occurred due to multiple water main valves, installed in the 1940s, not functioning appropriately.

Since there was too much water to perform the planned work due to the leaking valves, the crews needed to expand the planned closure area utilizing valves that did function. City crews also exercised all existing valves multiple times to try to shut down the valves, which unfortunately didn't resolve the issue. 

Early Saturday morning, as businesses began opening, City crews notified customers of the shutdown and expected timeframe for the water to be turned back on.

In the next couple of weeks, Public Works will be preparing a standard operating procedure for planned and emergency water shutoffs of the City system to assist in improving our processes. We will also work on a plan/funding to replace many of these aging valves. 

We apologize for any confusion, frustration, or inconvenience this water outage caused.