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Public Safety Announcement on Cybercrime

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Shelton, WA — In an effort to provide safeguards in the area of cybercrimes, Shelton Police Department is providing information on recent online frauds experienced by multiple Shelton citizens.

In each case, victims were contacted through social media sites by a previously unknown person. The perpetrators disguised themselves in a number ways: one posed as a representative of the federal government, another as a member of a foreign agency, and a third as a business owner.

In some cases, personal information from a victim’s social media account was used to establish credibility of the perpetrator. Victims reported that after complying with requests made by the perpetrators, arrangements were made for the victim to deposit a check, wire funds via Western Union, obtain a MoneyGram, or purchase and send a gift card.

For the sake of security, do not answer solicitations made either online or over the phone to give access to, or open up, a bank account. Please report any suspicious behavior to the Shelton Police Department.

For any questions or for further details about these or other cases involving online fraudulent activities, please call or contact a member of the Shelton Police Department or ask for a Detective at (360)426-4441.