2023 Water and Sewer Rate Studies

September 14 Update: 
We've received some questions today about an article stating that residents of a single-family home in Shelton pay an average of $4,518 a year for water and sewer service and that residents will pay $11,000 in 2024.

The article is incorrect. We want to provide some information here to correct the error and provide some more information.

The $11,000 figure comes from an FCS Group presentation in August to the City Council about GFCs (General Facilities Charges). GFCs are paid by the property owner at the time of a building's connection to the utility system. GFC amounts depend on the type of building and the size of the meter being installed.

We've included charts here from FCS Group's presentation to the City Council on August 8 to show the differences between a GFC - again, paid by a property owner at the time of connection - versus a single-family rate paid as part of a monthly water bill. The figures listed in the article for other Washington municipalities are, again, referencing their GFCs, not their monthly utility rates.
Monthly Single-Family GFC Survey
Monthly Single-Family Rate Survey

Proposed Rates

Ordinance 2010-0723: Sewer Rates
Ordinance 2011-0723: Water Rates Additional Information
Public Meetings
September 5 Council Meeting
On September 5, the City Council discussed Ordinance 2010-0723 (sewer rates) and Ordinance 2011-0723 (water rates) at their regular meeting. Discussion starts at approximately the 17:23 mark in the video below. 

September 5 Council Public Hearings
The Shelton City Council will have two public hearings on Tuesday, September 5 at 6 p.m. to consider adopting ordinances related to water and sewer rates.

More information on each of the proposed ordinances will be posted on this page soon (Update: Information on Ordinance 2010-0723 (Sewer Rates) and Ordinance 2011-0723 (Water Rates) is available above.)

Community members can comment at these hearings or provide written testimony to the City Clerk by emailing donna.nault@sheltonwa.gov

You can attend City Council meetings in person at the Civic Center (525 West Cota Street) or virtually through Zoom. Meetings are also livestreamed on the City's YouTube channel and meeting recordings are available on our website

August 8 Council Study Session
On August 8, City Council held a study session to discuss a water and sewer rate study. A PDF of the rate study is linked under the "Additional Information" header at the top of this page.