Administrative Services

The mission of the Administrative Services department is to provide high-quality, professional service to all City employees, departments, and residents by promoting collaborative work among departments to align policies, practices, and programs citywide to fulfill the vision of workforce equity and excellence. We endeavor to promote an equitable and engaging work environment so employees can thrive and make a difference for the people and community we serve.

The Administrative Services Department is comprised of the City's human resources, risk management, and information technology divisions. 

Staff in the Administrative Services Department:
  • Provide information technology services for all City employees and facilities
  • Coordinate the City's risk management interests to best protect Shelton's assets through identifying, managing and reducing risk exposures
  • Promote an equitable and engaging work environment through the recruitment and retention of all City of Shelton employees
  • Manage the City's labor relations activities 
  • Support Shelton's Civil Service Commission and manage the civil service process