AMI Water Meter Replacement Project

AMI Meters
Project Overview
The Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project improves the City's water metering system to allow City staff and our customers to better manage our water resources. The proposed project will exchange the majority of the City's aging Sensus brass water meters with new Sensus Iperl meters that are connected to an Advanced Metering  Infrastructure (AMI) system. 

AMI utilizes a low-powered communication transmitter that is connected to the new water meter to send water usage information over an encrypted/secure 900 MYz FCC-licensed channel. The proposed system will allow the City to continue to perform manual meter reads and allow drive-by radio reads as transmitters are installed. Ultimately, all meter readings will be acquired by the fixed base antenna system. 

The upgraded water meter system will provide timely water usage data regardless of weather conditions or power outages. The new system will also improve leak detection and our ability to serve customers.

Benefits of the Water AMI Project
  • Our customers and City staff will have 24/7 access to stored water usage information. We'll be able to communicate online with water meters for real-time reads. Customers will be able to view stored consumption history to better manage their water use and potentially reduce water/sewer billings.
  • The new AMI meter reading interval is one reading per hour, compared to once a month. Hourly reading history is transmitted up to six times per day to the City.
  • The AMI software detects water leaks on the customer's side of the meter so they can be repaired quickly. Usage alerts can also be set up to be automatically sent to the homeowner when continuous water flow is identified to prevent property damage resulting from undetected leaks.
    • This will also reduce the City's unaccounted water loss to remain in compliance with state regulations.
  • The new meters are highly accurate and have a 20-year warranty on parts/accuracy.
  • Account transfer and shutoff readings are real-time and do not require City employees to travel to the meter.
  • The City will receive real-time system pressure and temperature information. The system leak detection feature will detect mainline leaks previously missed by our current metering system, and report on meter backflows, broken pipes, zero consumption, and other potential register malfunctions. 
  • Public Works employees who currently conduct manual reads will be able to perform other services. Customer Service staff calls will decline as customers transition to using the online information available.
Project Details
  • Engineering Firm: Gray and Osborne
Project Timeline
  • October 2023: Design completed
  • December 2023: Project out to bid
  • September 2024: Expected construction completion
Project Funding
  • Grant Amount: $800,000 American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds
  • Total Project Budget: $1.9 million, funded by the City's water and sewer utility funds and the American Rescue Plan Act
What You Can Expect
Before crews begin working on your neighborhood's meters, you will receive a doorhanger. While crews are working, water service may be briefly interrupted for less than one hour. Crews will also attempt to contact you at your home on the day of service interruption.

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